Nathan Herrera has been playing guitar since the age of 15. Mr. Herrera’s mother and father, his first teachers, introduced him to flamenco and Spanish guitar through the recordings of the great guitar maestros. Mr. Herrera went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance with a concentration in composition from Florida Southern College under the direction of Dr. Mark Switzer. He has pursued his passion through master classes with Pepe Romero, LA Guitar Quartet, Adam Del Monte, and Oscar Guzman. Mr. Herrera has also studied flamenco guitar and percussion in Seville, Spain with guitarist Juan Nuñez. He has also studied with guitarist José María Moreno, Paco Fonta, Basilio Georges, Pedro Cortés, Juan Diego Mateos, and Antón Jiménez. He has worked with dancers such as Nelida Tirado, Sonia Olla, José Moreno and Miguel Vargas; singers Alfonso Cid, Matías Lopéz Exposito, Barbara Martínez, Ismael de la Rosa, and with master guitarist Antón Jiménez.

In addition to enjoying success in performing solo and with various dance companies such as Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Flamenco Revolucíon, and the Florida Dance Theatre, Mr. Herrera has also made appearances on local and international television programs, commercials, newspapers and magazines. His music was featured on the National Geographic channel in the documentary "Voices of Mariel" and at the Cannes Film Festival's feature of the short film "Brushstrokes". Other notables include performing for Sarah Jessica Parker's Fashion's Night out event, Alicia Keys, the wedding for Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Robert De Niro for the Tribeca Film Festival.